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Hi, I'm Deborah!

For years my emotions and beliefs ruled my life and my relationships, until I discovered how to master my emotions and change my beliefs.
Emotions are incredibly powerful! They can help you to identify and change your beliefs, they will keep you safe, guide you to create a life you love and give you the joy of having wonderful fulfilling relationships.

I believe that your life is meant to be spent being joyfully content, at home, at work and at play. What stands in the way of that joyful contentment is your emotions, beliefs and expectations.  Luckily, all three of these can be changed and the easiest way to make those changes is by developing your Emotional Intelligence.

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is essential for good Mental Health.

All emotions are completely natural, we are all born with them, yet we have been taught that it's not good to express our feelings, that we should ignore them, supress them and that some of them are even bad!

When we ignore or suppress our emotions, we end up with Mental Health issues!

To avoid Mental Health issues becoming a life-long problem, we need to be able to understand our emotions, to know why we have them, where they're coming from and how to express them.

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