Growing up I was a happy-go-lucky little girl who loved life. I loved learning and going to school, playing with my brothers and friends, and having fun. It all changed at the age of 9. School was no longer fun as my time was spent ducking and diving bullies; home no longer felt like a safe haven; I started having nightmares; I developed severe anxiety; I was constantly ill – my life had turned from one of joy to a life that felt painful and hard.

As a teenager I suffered depression, I put on a lot of weight, my life became confusing, and I was constantly looking for the ‘exit’ sign. I fell pregnant, and got married, at 17, got divorced at 22 and as a young mom with 2 little ones went on to have a stream of inappropriate and abusive relationships. We moved home 27 times; sometimes sleeping on other people’s floors; had, and lost, many jobs and I generally felt like the biggest loser. Life was one big struggle, living hand to mouth, day by day, just trying to get by. I was stressed out to say the least!

And then one day at aged 35 it started to change. I was introduced to Emotional Intelligence and the Powers of the Mind. I learnt to understand my emotions and what they were telling me. I discovered the hidden beliefs buried deep inside my subconscious mind that were ruling my life and learnt how to change them. I replaced my self-loathing with self-love and kindness. I stopped blaming myself for other people’s bad behaviour. Life became good. My children and I started understanding each other and enjoying spending time together. I found my purpose; - studied, changed my career, became a trainer, and started earning decent money. And, for the first time I could afford more than what we needed, we even went on a 10-day cruise to Mauritius 😊  

You see, we suffer when we are not ourselves. When we retreat and hide from who we are. When we change, and deny ourselves, for others. When we hold ourselves responsible for other people’s actions and bad behaviour. When we believe it’s up to us to make others happy and put other adults’ needs, wants, and desires, before our own. When we tolerate and settle for less than what we are worth or deserve. Knowing who you are; and loving and valuing yourself first is the only way you will end suffering. It’s the only way you will learn how to teach everyone else how to treat you and the only way to role-model it to your children. When you love and value yourself first, all else follows; - relationships and friendships that bring you joy, an income that you are worthy of and having the ability to fulfilling your own dreams.

Living your life on your terms will bring you peace, pleasure, and tons of happiness and who doesn’t want that 😊! I love helping people and over the years I have learnt the most amazing skills and developed some incredibly powerful, yet simple, techniques that not only changed the way I felt about myself, but everyone else who I taught, as well. Today I teach these skills in my online courses and programmes and share some of them in my books. So, if you could do with a confidence boost, or a total reboot of how you feel about yourself, then I invite you to join Selfie School today.

I am now so comfortable in my own skin, I enjoy life like I have never done before. I laugh until my belly hurts, I dance, I sing, I have fun. I no longer take myself, nor life, so seriously. I am now more succesful in my life and business than ever before. I got to know myself so that I could be myself in every aspect of my life.  

If you too would like to Get to know YourSelf so you can Be YourSelf and get rid of all the judgements, the voices, the roadblocks and anything else that’s standing in the way of you being YourSelf, then I invite you to join Selfie School and become part of a like-minded group of people who will help you, love you and support you on Your journey back to You. 

If I can do it, so can You!

Change the way You look at things and the things You look at will Change... Wayne Dyer


Official Qualifications 
1998 - Health and Wellness Coach - HASNC - USA
2001 - Family Counsellor - DC & PCC - South Africa
2003 - Accredited Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Coach - EQ Proficient SA

2009 - Adult Literacy Diploma WIT - NZ
2012 - NLP - TE, UK 

Dale Carnegie Leadership Programme 
Quantum Healing
Mind Power
Colour Therapy
Firewalking Instructor Training

Subjects I love learning about and putting into practise
Quantum Physics
Neuro Plasticity  

'Abby and The Gaggle of Geese' wins a Gold Award.

A 'Bio' video.  It's a bit old and needs updating as I now have 5 grandchildren :-)