Official Qualifications for those of you who would like to know
1998 - Qualified as a Health and Wellness Coach - HASNC - USA
2001 - Qualified as a Family Counsellor - DC & PCC - South Africa
2003 - Became an accredited Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Coach with EQ Proficient - SA (became the first Commercial EQ Trainer in South Africa).

2009 - Adult Literacy - Cert. WIT - NZ
2009 - Completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership Programme - NZ
2012 - NLP - Cert. TE 

Other courses I have done
Quantum Healing
Mind Power
Colour Therapy
Firewalking Instructor Training

Other subjects I love reading about, studying and putting into practise

Quantum Physics
Neuro Plasticity

One of my 'Bears of Blueberry Forest' books 'Abby and The Gaggle of Geese' was entered into The Platinum Awards and I won a Gold Award. It was so unexpected and I was so delighted.

A 'Bio' video.  It's a bit old and needs updating as I now have 5 grandchildren :-)

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken!