Crowdfunding Project to Fund

The Bears of Blueberry Forest Global EQ TV Series
for Children Aged 3 - 10


What is EQ?

Being Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) means you know and understand yourself. It means you know why you feel, and behave, the way you do. Having EQ Life Skills in your own personal 'toolkit' means you are able to deal with life's ups and downs. It gives you the ability to deal with the entire spectrum of emotions like fear and anxiety and having the skills to deal with the playground bully. Understanding your emotions helps you to develop your intuition and keeps you safe. It also helps you to build friendships, develop social skills and is 'the' super power that gives you the edge for a successful career and to forge great relationships.

The Reason I'm so Passionate about EQ and This TV Show

As a child I was bullied.  I loved school so much, to me learning and reading books was (and still is) an absolute joy, but at the age of 8 a teacher hit me so hard with a wooden spoon that I peed my pants right there in the classroom infront of the kids (I still have the scar on my leg). The following year, another teacher picked on me, she called me names and laughed out loud, encouraging my classmates to join in. School was never the same after that. I spent break times trying to find new hiding places to get away from the kids. I felt unsafe at school, the place I loved to go to learn and be with my friends.

At home, I had a similar problem. My older brother loathed me, I seemed to spend my time running away from him. Three times while growing up he tried to kill me. Once he threw a wardrobe ontop of me, another time he strangled me and another, he tried to stab me with a pair of scissors.  Added to that, I grew up in a religion that taught it's followers to hit their children and that threatened us with 'burning in hell' if we didn't comply. This meant that I never ever felt safe at home.

As a result of all of this, I suffered severe anxiety which resulted in chronic health problems; IBS, shingles, migraines, tension headaches, etc.
At the age of 15, I dropped out of school as I just couldn't cope anymore. Even though I was in a different school, the bullying seemed to have 'followed me.'

At the age of 17 I got married to a man who loved me, but who also abused me. I had 3 more abusive relationships after that before I was able to break the cycle. I broke that cycle when I discovered Emotional Intelligence and learnt to understand myself, my mind and the people in my life. I learnt that other people's bad behaviour was not my fault and that having emotions was normal. I was able to heal, to let go of the past and to forgive.

Today my life is vastly different to back then. I'm in a very loving relationship with a man who adores me for who I am. My brother and I are now friends. I realised that his behaviour towards me was due to his own emotional and mental health issues.  

When I opened my EQ Training and Coaching Practise, I realised that all my adult, child and teenage clients all had the same problems. The trauma and problems they were experiencing in their lives, was due to them also not having Emotional Intelligence Life Skills nor did they understand themselves or the people in their lives.  

I have been helping people, young and old, to develop their Emotional Intelligence since 2003 with the most incredible life-changing results. Now I would like to take this to the next level by getting these incredible life skills out to children all over the world through this Edutaining TV Series.  No child should ever have to feel unsafe being themselves, at school nor at home.  Not only will this EQ TV show change children's worlds, but it will change the world as well.

Feedback from our Pilot Episode

Watching some of the videos that were sent to me of children watching our pilot episode was incredibly heart-warming. In the series we teach them various modalities including breathing, self-awareness (mindfulness), confidence etc. We also teach them various tools to help them in their every day life. In the first video these pre-schoolers are doing 'Angel Bear Breathing', in the 3rd video they are practising the 'Super Brave Bear Pose' which helps them to be brave and build their confidence. As you will see, the children were fully engaged in the story and learning and were not prompted at all to interact nor to take part, they just did. 

The next videos are of my own grandchildren watching the show.  The show was designed for children aged 4 - 10 but as you can see 3-year old Mia is fully engaged, I had to prompt her to do the Super Brave Bear post and she did it beautifully. She has made me play this video to her over and over again, I have since lost count of the amount of times she has watched it :-)

Feedback from Schools and Pre-Schools

  • We understands the impact of EQ and this show is an easy way to teach kids and parents at the same time. We love the idea and concept.
  • The tools you teach in the show to handle difficult situations and confidence building are incredible.  We would love the children in our school to learn how to use them and implement them. 
  • English is not the first language in our schools, however we love the interactive activities/tools you teach in the show and we would make this show part of our English language lesson which means our kids will be learning EQ and English at the same time. We love it!
  • This show fits in with our Life Skills class, it's great, when can we have it?
  • We are always looking for great materials to use in our Life Skills classes and we can definitely use this.  We would also like to stock the books in our library.
  • This fits in with our morning routine, we usually have screen time when our pre-schoolers arrive and we would prefer to show them your show so that they are learning at the same time.
  • Oh my goodness, this is brilliant, this show teaches children and teaches Teachers how to teach EQ at the same time.  Sign me up!
  • This show is incredible, we have been wanting to introduce Emotional Intelligence into our school for years, but we just didn't know how nor did we have the big budget for it, but this ticks all the boxes.   When can we get it?
  • This fits into our Mindfulness programme, we would like to include it in that.
  • This show is a complete lesson, it's incredible.
  • This is EQ made easy! When can we get it?

Feedback from Production Companies

  • This show fits in with this new phase of teaching children with a blend of entertainment and education, it;s brilliant.
  • It's fantastic, this show has legs and we foresee it running for at least ten years.  Can we make it?
  • Your passion comes through in everything you make, we love your characters, the script, the stories, this is going to be a hit, well done guys!  We want to make it!
  • This show is needed more than ever right now.  Children are in dire need of EQ, I wish my kids grew up with the skills you are teaching them.  This show is going to be a hit, please can we produce it?
  • This show is going to be the next big thing. Parents are actively looking for shows and books with stories that have purpose, yours does!
  • We love the concept, we love the teaching, we really really want to be involved in this.

Next Steps

We have gone ahead and picked a highly experienced Production Company to make the show.  They are 'in-tune' with making edutaining shows, their camera work and show reels are simply beautiful and they are just as passionate as we (me and my team) are about Emotional Intelligence. They are the right fit for us.  Our intention is to start filming in February 2022 and to start pre-production in November 2021.

Invest in a Better, Brighter Future for Children Around the World

The money required for this show, to make 52 episodes and to market it, advertise it and 'get it out there' is £2 million. I understand that any investment is a risk, to mitigate this risk, I'm asking people to support this project starting with £5 and in return for each £5, you can choose one of my Bears of Blueberry Forest Video Books, or my EQ Parenting e-Book.  

If you would like to support this project with more than £5, then please feel free to do so. I would also be most grateful if you could ask your friends, family and colleagues to back this project. I am so grateful for every penny and cent raised and appreciate your time and support.  

Ps, the show will be made in beautiful Cape Town in South Africa to keep costs down and because a 1/4 of the show will be filmed outside in nature, we can count on the weather over there.  If this show was made in the UK it would cost over £7.5 million and as beautiful as the countryside is in the UK, the weather is a little hit and miss here.

In February 2022, the filming of the The Bears of Blueberry Forest EQ TV Series starts, pre-production starts October 2021.  This innovative dual-purpose revolutionary TV show has been specifically created to teach children how to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  It will be used by Teachers in the classroom as part of their EQ resources to teach these essential life skills to their students, and a segment of the show will be screened as a highly edutaining show in homes.
What I really love about the way this show has been designed is that not only do children learn while having fun, but it also teaches educators and parents how to teach EQ in the classroom and / or at home.  

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