Services I offer

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Training and Team Building

As a Master Trainer of Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development with 23 years experience, I am equipped to train all your staff whatever the industry.  I have trained in most sectors.  I am also equipped to train your training staff to run workshops on personal development, communication, human relations and emotional intelligence.

  • Corporate Companies - Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Schools - Emotional Intelligence in Education
  • Private Companies & Entrepreneurs - Emotional Intelligence for Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Government / Medical Institutions - Emotional Intelligence in General (company / industry specific)
  • Train the Trainer - Training Trainers to teach Emotional Intelligence
My online training courses to raise Emotionally Intelligent children for Parents, Educators and Tutors can be accessed here


I truly enjoy Public Speaking whether it's as a Keynote Speaker at a large event or whether it's to a small group, in person, online, on radio or on TV.  Below are some of the topics I have been invited to talk on. PS, EQ is an abbreviation for Emotional Intelligence.

  •  EQ and Entrepreneurship - The Missing Link
  • The Upside of Anger
  •  EQ in the Workplace
  • How your Mind Affects your Immune System
  • Introducing EQ into Schools
  • The Power of Your Emotions
  • Empowering Disempowered Women
  • The Cause of Abusive Relationships
  • How Mind, Body and Soul Work Together
  • Regaining Your Confidence
  • EQ to improve Doctor Patient Relationships
  • Parenting with EQ
  • EQ and Friendships
  • EQ and Relationships
  • Developing Empathy
  • Being Authentic

Coaching and Counselling

I enjoy working with individuals and groups to help you to eradicate whatever it is that is standing in the way of you having the life, the relationships or business you want. If your relationships are a mess, if you can't get over trauma you experienced, if you constantly clash with your child, if your child is struggling to overcome anxiety or bullying, if you are an entrepreneur that just can't get your business to the next level or if you have a business but just cannot get your team to perform, then I can help.  

I am based in the South of England in West Sussex and love working with clients in person.  I also work online over zoom.

  • Children aged 4+
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs

Change the Way You See Yourself, to Be Yourself

quote by me, Deborah McPhilemy :-)