Then Selfie School is Definitely for You!

Be YourSelf for YourSelf

Yay! Self School Is Open!

When You discover who You truly are and give Yourself permission to be You,
Your life will change beyond Your wildest dreams.

Yay! Self School Is Open!

If I can do it, so can You!

I went through life feeling sad, anxious, desperate, hopeless, lost, depressed, stressed and very very angry. I hated it that no one seemed to 'get me'. That I always felt like second choice, I felt invisible, like I was unimportant, that what I wanted never mattered. I felt so frustrated and at times enraged that I had to 'comply or else', that I was forced to live by someone else's values and beliefs, that I had to live my life, on someone else's terms!  I constantly felt trapped and desperate to turn things around, but I just didn't know how to.

There were times that I felt such despair at the pain of being alive, that I just wanted to end it all!  What stopped me from taking myself out of this life was my children, I simply could not bear to cause them the pain, I also lacked the courage.

I literally fumbled through life, had many relationships, with 4 of them being abusive. I had been bullied and molested as a child, so the abusive relationships I endured as an adult at first 'felt normal.' I didn't know any better, for my entire life it had felt like other people were trying to manipulate and push me into 'their way', to do what they wanted me to do and to be who they wanted me to be. I became a chronic people pleaser, believing that if I pleased others and showered them with love, that I would then be acceptable and that they would love me back.

I longed to be cherished and adored for who I was, except I didn't know who that was.  I always felt stressed and unsafe in this world, and in life, which as a result affected my health profoundly. Most of the health conditions I was afflicted with were auto-immune illnesses which is when the body literally attacks itself! I disliked myself so intensely, that even my own body had turned on me! 

In 1998 my life started to turn around when I discovered that I could heal my own body by changing my diet. In 2003, I discovered how I could heal my mind and how to heal from the trauma that affected my emotions which made me feel so bad about myself, and my life, all the time.

The years that followed I got to know me, bit by bit.  Whenever I healed from a trauma, big or small, life became better.  A little bit of the darkness I walked around with would disappear and be replaced by more light. I started to feel good more and more until one day I woke up and realised I was no longer scared of the dark, that I no longer wanted to run away. I found myself laughing more and more, I started to find joy in small things like playing with my grandchildren or my dog.  I discovered who I truly was and realised that I really liked and admired myself for never having given up on me. That I had overcome and survived. I stopped berating the image of me in the mirror and instead started to recognise her; a strong, powerful woman overflowing with compassion and love for herself, and for others. I had become the person who I was born to be!

If you too would like to get to this place of Being You without the judgements, the voices or the 'nasties' that stand in your way, then I invite you to join Selfie School where you will become part of a community of like-minded people who will help you, love you and support you on Your Journey Back to You.

Emerge from Selfie School feeling powerful, light, happy and empowered knowing that
You are in charge of Yourself and Your life.

'I joined Selfie School as I needed a re-boot. Going through a divorce, I started to doubt myself and I was feeling stressed with the thought of having to become financially independent. I felt better within two weeks of joining. The support from Deborah and the community was simply wonderful. I never had to worry about 'falling off the wagon', as the group literally 'picks you up' and inspires you to move forward. Thank you Debbie, this programme has changed my life and re-ignited my self-belief. If you are looking for a programme with a coach who is warm, caring and compassionate, someone who wants you to be your best self and live your best life, then Deborah and Selfie School is for you.'

Hampshire, UK

 'I joined Selfie School because I was struggling with self-love and believing in myself. I doubted my abilities and was always hesitant to get started with things that I love to do. I wanted to get to know myself better so that I can live with more direction and purpose in life. Within the first week, I already had a huge shift. I couldn't believe how easy it can be to start loving and appreciating yourself with the correct tools and tricks that we learned. I loved meeting other women with similar issues and how everyone helped each other to become better versions of themselves without any judgement. Selfie School kickstarted my self-awareness and helped me realise that I am enough, unique and worthy of a happy and meaningful life. This program is so real in the sense that we were able to deal with our sensitive issues in a safe and non-judgmental space. We had amazing support from Coach Debbie and she shared powerful and practical tools with us that we can apply in our daily lives while transforming. Thank you so much – I will forever be grateful.'

South Africa

 'I joined Selfie School as I wanted to learn how to love myself more. Debbie is such a lovely person and really wants to see you love yourself. She truly connects with you and understands what you are going through. She gives you tools to use to work through things that are happening in your life. I also loved the support I got from the community. I am very grateful to have been part of Selfie-School and our one to one coaching.'


 'I joined Selfie School because I wanted to understand myself better when it came to making new romantic relationships and I wanted to understand why I face imposter syndrome. The tools and tips we were taught really made me look at life in a different way. a.The most amazing thing about selfie school was the way it was approached with structure, yet there was also an ease to the way we did everything.  I’ve been telling people about how this is so much more women centric; you don’t feel like just another student or client, you feel like a part of a community of people. The support is incredible, I have resolved my imposter syndrome issue and I have clarity with regards to having a new romantic relationship.
I would recommend Selfie School any day. Even though at times we dealt with sadness and heavy topics, it also had a fun element and we celebrated the happy moments too.'


Yay! Self School Is Open!

In Selfie School you are never alone. When you join, you become part of a friendly, supportive, like-minded community.