When You discover that YOU were the person You were looking for all along,
Your life will change beyond Your wildest dreams.

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In Selfie School you are never alone you. When you join, you become part of a friendly, supportive, like-minded community and have access to me and my team.

Strangers are Friends Waiting to Happen  

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If I can do it, so can You!

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to get married and have children. My dream was to have that perfect little family, a husband and a pigeon pair. Part of my dream came true as I did get married and from that marriage I was blessed with two gorgeous, kind, loving, caring, beautiful children, a son and a daughter. Sadly after only 5.5 years of marriage, I walked away and got divorced. 

The following years I found myself on a never-ending quest of trying to find that person who would love me unconditionally, someone who would accept me, cherish me, respect me, support me, who would ‘get’ me like no other. Someone who would make me laugh, who would have fun with me, be my mate and my best friend. But, little did I know that in order for me to have the person, I had to be that person. That I first had to fall in love with me, that I needed to be my own best friend; that the person I was looking for to fulfill all my needs, was me.

What happened after I found my way back to me, was simply astounding. My life, my relationships and my business was transformed.

I am now so comfortable in my own skin, I enjoy life like I have never done before. I laugh until my belly hurts, I dance, I sing, I have fun. I no longer take myself, nor life, so seriously. I am now more succesful in my life and business than ever before. I got to know myself so that I could be myself in every aspect of my life.

If you too would like to Get to know YourSelf so you can Be YourSelf and get rid of all the judgements, the voices, the roadblocks and anything else that’s standing in the way of you being yourself, then I invite you to join Selfie School and become part of a like-minded group of people who will help you, love you and support you on Your journey back to You.

Emerge from Selfie School feeling powerful, light, happy and empowered knowing that
You are in charge of Yourself and Your life.

Are you searching for that one person that you believe will change your life?
Stop searching and take a look in the mirror.

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